Company founder/owner Jaap Zunneberg was raised in a family amongst many cats, dogs, horses and an large diversity of farm animals. As a young boy he spent all his free time taking care of these animals. After having bred pedigreed cats for many years, in 1989 Jaap was invited to handle his own cats for shooting many tv commercials and print ads. 

In 1997 he started to offer his services professionally; training, handling and supervising animals for successful feature films such as Minoes (2001), Ja Zuster Nee Zuster (2002) etc. He worked with many kinds of animals as a professional animal trainer for an industry collegue and her company from 2002 till 2009 and travelled the world for many stills, commercial and film projects. 

Zunneberg Animals

In 2011 Jaap founded his own company "Zunneberg Animals" in Amsterdam. Since the start Jaap and his team have been doing many TV (commercial), film and photo shoots with all kinds of animals like dogs, cats, many farm animals, mice and much more!